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School Building Process and Charge
School Building Process and Charge
Approved March 2, 2006

District Goal:

Design and construct a middle/high school and associated facilities that meet our educational needs within the approved budget and schedule.  

School Building Committee Charge:

The School Building Committee will help the District to meet its goal in the following ways:
  • Oversee and manage consultants;
  • Make design decisions on behalf of the District;
  • Oversee the project budget and schedule;
  • Regularly meet with, and acceptinput from the School Committee, District Officials, and various constituencies in both Towns, including all town boards and community members
  • Update the School Committee on a regular basis of ongoing progress and any problems (at least quarterly);
  • Inform School Committee of educational program decisions needing their attention;
  • Work with the District staff and the School Committee on matters of financing and state reimbursement; and
  • Undertake regular communications with the public.
School Building Committee Meetings:

The School Building Committee will strive to meet bi-weekly and will conduct business according to the provisions of the open meeting law.  
  • All meetings will be posted and will have a definitive agenda, with action items and accountability, including minutes that are accessible to the public
All project plans will have an assigned accountability for all items, timeframes, milestones and measurement.

School Building Committee Members:

The School Building Committee will have equal representation from Essex and Manchester.   
A quorum shall consist of 50% or more members with at least one member from each town.

Other members of both communities will be invited and encouraged to participate in working groups on a variety of topics. These include:

  • Design review
  • Constructability and Budget review
  • Finance oversight
  • Athletics
  • Technology
  • Furnishings and Equipment
  • Neighbor relations
  • Communications
Others as needed

The chair reserves the right to shift responsibilities among members as the need dictates and to ask any members who are not able to fulfill their responsibilities to step down or to recommend substitutions or additions to the Building Committee for School Committee approval.

Building Committee Members:

Voting members are:
Sarah Hammond Creighton, chair
Karen Guadiano (E)
Joe Ahearn (E)
Gordon Brewster (M)
Annie Cameron (E)
Lee Dellicker (M)
Jessica Lamothe (M)
Timothy O’Leary (E)
George Scharfe (M)
Richard Trembowitz (E)
Robert Shaps, Superintendent

1)  Jim Lee was substituted for Robert Shaps
2)  For time period June 1 – Sept 15, 2007 a quorum shall consist of 4 members, with at least one from each town.
3)  For time period June – September, 2008 a quorum shall consist of 4 members, with at least one from each town.