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School Building Project - Frequently Asked Questions
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The construction of a project of this size will be disruptive to the students, neighbors, parents, employees, and others. This page is designed to try to keep you posted about what you can expect. We appreciate your patience.

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Who can I call about immediate concerns?

      Please call 978-526-4919 x 0 to leave a message or email . Messages are checked each work day and every effort will be made to get back to you in a timely manner.

I have a specific question about the school design, who can answer that question?

      Many of the design questions may be answered by visiting the building committee page at the school web site: Regional School Building Committee.  Alternatively, please call 978-526-4919 x 0 to leave a message or email .

How can I be updated regularly?

      Please call 978-526-4919 x 0 to leave a message or email to receive a regular email update or regular updates sent by U.S. mail.

      To find out how the School Building Committee and School Committee will communicate with the public about the building project, view the School Construction Communication Plan.


Project Safety

What can I tell my child about safety during construction?

       The construction sites are off limits to everyone. They are enclosed by a fence that is locked during off hours.
       Please help us by teaching your children about safe crossing and walking along streets. As more information is known about matters that have an impact on your child’s safety, we will let the school population and neighbors know.
       This is a new construction project behind the current school. There will not be any construction in the existing school while it is occupied.
       The district administration is in the process of developing a safety plan for students when they return to the middle/high school in the fall. Details of that plan will be posted when complete. Project Saftey
       Another safety initiative is being developed by a small group of volunteers and administrators that addresses safety getting to and from all district schools. Details about the development and implementation of that effort will be posted on this site as they become available.

What resources are available for me to help teach kids about safety?

      There are numerous materials. We recommend you look at information on Safe Routes and Bike Safety for families.

Project Description

What is being built?

      A new middle/high school, two synthetic fields, three tennis courts.

Why is the project needed?

      The project is needed to address overcrowding, outdated facilities, and athletic facilities that are inadequate and in poor condition. The District’s accrediting body has placed the District on warning for the condition of its facilities.

How much will it cost?

      The total project cost is $49 million. This includes design, construction, permitting, testing, technology, and furnishings.

Who’s in charge?

      This is a project of the Manchester Essex Regional School District. The School Building Committee (SBC) is charged by the School Committee with the design and construction of the project. Upon the SBC’s recommendation, the District has contracted with the project team of architect, project manager, and contractors.


Middle/High School Construction Project

Who is the contractor?

      TLT Construction Corp. of Wakefield.

When will construction behind the present school begin?

      The schedule is determined by the contractor. Construction began the week of July 9, 2007.

What are the hours of construction?

      7AM to 5:30PM Monday - Friday. Saturday work is allowed with 48 hour notice by the contractor but is not planned at this time.

What will the truck traffic pattern be?

      Trucks will be required to follow traffic rules. Traffic patterns will be determined by the contractor. As we learn more specifics, we will post information on the web.
What about contractor parking and traffic?

      The parking restrictions of the town apply to the contractor. The District will cooperate with the town on any necessary enforcement.

Is there public access to the construction sites?

      There is no public access to the construction sites.

Brook Street Construction Project

What is being built?

      The Coach Ed playing field is being rebuilt to include a synthetic playing surface with improved drainage. The field will be surrounded by a four-foot high fence with pedestrian openings.

Will the field be lit?

      In order to meet the athletic needs of District and towns, the Fields Committee (a 10 person committee representing both towns and the District) requested that field lights be added to the Brook Street field. These lights would provide playing hours to meet the district’s athletic program needs during the construction of the new building.

      The Planning Board, Selectmen, and Conservation Commission have approved the installation of 6 lights (currently at Hyland Field) for three years. An appeal of the Conservation Commission decision is being reviewed by the Department of Environmental Protection.

      On June, 2007, the School Committee Directed the Building Committee to continue to examine options to maximize playing time by using lights. This process is continuing. The evaluation includes the use of temporary lights. On July 24, 2007 the School Committee voted to move ahead with portable lights for the Brook Street Field for the 2007 fall sports season and directed the superintendent to finalize the hours of operation in concert with what is needed for the school program. The SBC will ensure the necessary site preparation and containment to support the portable lights.


Brook Street Construction Issues

Who is doing the work?

      David White and Son of Manchester NH

What are the hours of construction?

      7AM to 5:30PM Monday - Friday. Saturday work is allowed with 48 hour notice by the contractor but is not planned at this time.

Why was loam removed from the field and not stored for future use?

Earth, including loam, was removed from the Brook Street site by the contractor, as there was no room to stockpile it at the school site for a several year period. The limited amount of loam needed at the school site may be recovered from that site and, depending on the contractor’s needs, stockpiled there or removed for space considerations and replaced when needed. In any case, there is no additional cost to either project. Prior to preparation of the bid documents, the district invited both towns to identify materials and equipment for salvage and reuse from the entire project. Loam was not identified as a material that either town wanted to salvage.

Brook Street Field Operations

Will the field be locked?

      The field will be operated by the District and the Town of Manchester. At this point, there is no intension of locking the field.

Will the field be rented?

      The field will be operated by the District and the Town of Manchester. At this point, there have not been any discussions about renting the field. We expect the field to be fully utilized by regional and town athletic teams.

What are the hours of the field?

      Field hours are limited by available daylight and hours allowed for use of the lights.

What are the hours of the field lights?

      The Special Permit limits the lights to 8pm on weekdays, 6pm on Saturday, except when there is a home football game.


Tennis Courts
What is the current status of the tennis court plan?

      Three courts are planned, located in front of Memorial School. These have received approval from the Planning Board. An application to the Conservation Commission will be happening soon.

Last updated July 20, 2007